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Mar 26, 2018

Hooked On Geek went to GAMA in Reno! Greg talks about some of the cool games he got to play and preview, and he talks with these publishers about their upcoming titles:

Stronghold Games (16:53)

Pandasaurus Games (24:34)

Passport Game Studios (35:53)

Capstone Games (46:56)

USAopoly (51:20)

Floodgate Games (53:42)

Mar 19, 2018

In Episode 12, we take a behind-the-scenes look at board-game development with Charlie Bink, former creative director at Eagle-Gryphon Games and owner of Bink Ink Games. We talk about how, as an artist, he got into game design, how he created Trekking the National Parks (12:37), and what he learned from Kickstarter and...

Mar 12, 2018

We welcome "our friend Dan" The Game Boy Geek himself to Episode 11. We ask him what it's like having a box of games show up on your porch practically every day and how he got into gaming. We also talk about what we played recently (17:50), some games we badly screwed up the rules (49:09), the final days of...

Mar 5, 2018

We've finally hit the top of our list, folks! In Episode 10, we welcome Greg's better half, Stephanie Dickson, and talk to her about all the escape rooms she's done — and it's quite a bunch. We also discuss what we played recently (13:00), circle back to the kind of escape-room experiences Stephanie looks for (22:50),...