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Oct 21, 2019

It's been a little rough around here.  Gaming has taken a backseat as Stephanie has been sick, but what we have found ourselves doing, is geeking out about Halloween Horror and we spend this episode discussing what to stream this month to get you in the Halloween spirit.  Some top picks, some obscure choices as well,...

Oct 14, 2019

After discussing why we missed releasing an episode last Monday Greg discusses RinCon, a game convention located in Tucson, Arizona (10:16) which leads Stephanie and Greg to discussing the different types of game convention attendees. What kind of attendee are you and what do your convention choices say about you? We...

Sep 30, 2019

We get into the Halloween spirit a little early with Exit: The Game - The Haunted Roller Coaster, how does it stack up to the other games in the Exit series (1:44)?

We discuss and quite frankly, debate, Belratti (8:32).

We end with a book segment (21:23).



Sep 23, 2019

0:44 Hypothetical Question

5:07 Stephanie gets quizzed, you get to play along

16:34 Stephanie and Greg discuss Exit: The Game - The Catacombs of Horror

22:03 Stephanie and Greg discuss The Artemis Project

29:37 Freshly renamed book segment?


Sep 16, 2019

An experiment. Yet again.